Superior Solutions for Age-Proofing and Longer Life

Equipped with a versatile manufacturing facility and a design team with in-depth and varied experience in  designing chemical and other equipment in process industries, New Materials Business offers a range of FRP tanks for many such industries.

These include FRP acid storage tanks, stacks and hoods. Lightweight, with excellent corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties, these tanks offer a long, maintenance-free service life of more than 20 years. With an optimum choice of resins, the FRP walls of tanks and chemical equipment have anti-ageing, seepage-proof and heat-insulation properties. The new age FRP tanks are designed to handle acids, alkalis and other corrosive liquids.

Manufacturing and design

FRP tanks are manufactured using a state-of-the-art filament winding process. Filament winding is an automated PLC-controlled, open moulding method, which uses a rotating mould made of FRP. This ensures unbeatable properties of durability, customisation and resilience.

New Materials Business offers tanks up to a height of 15 m and diameters of 0.5 m to 6 m. These can be adapted to customers’ specifications and requirements. Small tanks are manufactured by the Hand lay-up method. On-site fabrication of large tanks is also being widely done.


Industries using FRP tanks:

  • Chemicals
  • Food and Beverages
  • Paper and Textile sectors
  • Steel
  • Engineering and Power
  • Municipalities

FRP tanks are a replacement for conventional cylindrical/rectangular tanks and the advantages are as detailed below:

Adaptability of sizes and designs

Physical and chemical performance – highly-tensile, corrosion-resistant, anti-ageing, seepage-proofing and heat-insulation

  • Good structural performance with optimised resin and non-toxic walls
  • Highly durable with a long service life of >20 years
  • Adaptable to temperatures ranging from -500C to 1400 C
  • Lightweight, hence easy to transport and store
  • Application in all mediums-acid, alkali, salt, and organic solvents

Advantages of FRP over Steel and Rubber

The greatest advantage FRP tanks have over steel or rubber-lined tanks is that they are less likely to corrode. This makes them a better long-term investment and the material of choice in many industries. Additionally, FRP tanks are much easier to install due to their lighter weight.