FRP roofing sheets are made from glass fibre and high-quality resins that find significant usage in various industrial and commercial spaces. They provide outstanding hold and styling durability with excellent corrosion resistance. They are suited to withstand environmental elements and corrosive atmosphere, thereby reducing cost and maintenance over its lifetime.


  • Right hardness for roofing
  • Accurate dimension and assured thickness
  • Perfect overlapping
  • Maximum strength and minimum weight
  • Available in a wide range of SKUs

Common Applications:

  • Inside industrial buildings
  • Commercial spaces
  • Marketplaces
  • Storage facilities

FRP Sheets are manufactured on 100% automatic plant and Continuous Laminated Machine (CLM).

Continuous lamination is a highly-automated process in which reinforcements are impregnated with resin and guided through a conveyor process of forming rolls to control thickness and resin content consistent with the desired end product. As the material on the conveyor is passed through a heating zone, the resin is cured to form the final composite sheet. The sheets are then gel-coated.