The New Materials Business vertical of Tata Steel started its operation commercially in late 2018 in the domain of FRP, to harness the increasing potential of composites in many areas. These include light weighting, energy storage, water and infrastructure, health & wellness, automotive applications, smart cities and Indian Railways.

The Indian Railways is one of our most important segments and composites play a major role in improving the efficiency of the railway transport system. The factors that make composites as an attractive materials system for railways are:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio and high stiffness-to-weight ratio (makes coaches lighter, consumes less fuel)
  • Excellent corrosion resistance (low maintenance and improved service life, low life cycle cost)
  • Reduced vibration and noise level (increased passenger comfort)
  • Low thermal conductivity (air conditioned coaches will have low energy consumption)
  • Part consolidation (reduced number of parts)
  • Ease of fabrication of aerodynamic structures etc. Lighter coaches will make faster pick up (easy acceleration)

NMB is also developing many new FRP substitutes for Indian Railways, which will help it to run even faster in coming future. The research and development wing of the company and new product development team extend extensive support to provide more such durable and lighter solution to Indian Railways.

The vision of NMB is to provide a complete furnishing solution to Indian Railways, leveraging this state-of-the-art R&D facilities and transnational collaboration to develop new products, capabilities for addressing to the prerequisites of international standard and design and world class manufacturing facilities at various locations. The pledge is conformance to all imminent quality requirements and ensuring defect free products and services. The team is confident to form a robust and passionate “Project Management” team for successful execution of furnishing projects and partnering with Railway’s yearly coach production target.