Kolkata, July 15, 2020:  New Materials Business (NMB) is working with several production departments of Tata Steel to introduce  innovative solutions in Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP), leveraging its unmatched benefits such as corrosion resistance, high trength to weight ratio, light weight and long, maintenance-free service life that helps reduce lifecycle cost. The NMB team has developed a
host of innovative solutions to address various challenges that operating departments have been facing using conventional materials. These solutions include:
  • FRP Acid Strainers with ‘in line self-cleaning mechanism’ for CRM, resulting in reduced downtime and enhanced safety
  • FRP conveyor guards for environments that are corrosive
  • FRP Drip Pots for Coke Oven gas line at our Jamshedpur Works.. These can be used in BF and LD gas lines as well
  • FRP conveyor hoods for Pellet Plant to protect iron-ore fines from rain and to reduce fugitive dust emissions
  • FRP air receivers for compressed air system

NMB is geared up to collaborate with various departments and divisions to capitalise the benefits of FRP and
address ongoing problems by developing many such customised products.