Building Blocks of a Smart India

Tata Steel’s New Materials Business offers a wide range of solutions in Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites for infrastructure. These include applications in energy storage, water, health and wellness, railways, automotive and smart cities.

FRP offers extraordinary mechanical and important in-service properties which are utilised to improve stiffness/strength, durability, life-cycle cost and the environmental impact. FRP has demonstrated great potential in infrastructure applications, as the material is lightweight, easy to install, and offers high strength-to-weight ratio along with durability. These materials can be customised in accordance with the properties required, viz. size, strength, stiffness and overall structure. FRP has anisotropic properties also, and its mechanical properties can be controlled and made directional using the fibre-resin ratio, a choice of fibre and resin, and by selecting the optimum fibre orientation.

Moreover, FRP is fully corrosion resistant, and therefore is one of the best materials to use in corrosive environments, such as coastal areas. FRP products neither require frequent painting nor maintenance, and offer a very long service life with an excellent surface finish. Given the design freedom accorded by the material, along with the flexible manufacturing process, it is easy to achieve complex geometry and superior aesthetics.

Strong, lightweight, and maintenance-free, FRP is perfect for iconic buildings and art installations in urban spaces. Leveraging these properties along with the design freedom and long life offered, a range of FRP-based street furniture has been developed with spectacular aesthetics and superior functionalities. These include modular toilets, fencing, benches, gazebos, security cabins, isolation units, and bus shelters.