The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a ramp up of our country’s healthcare infrastructure. To aid the frontline healthcare professionals in their efforts, Tata Steel along with other Tata Group companies including Tata Projects and Tata Consulting Engineers have demonstrated both agility and collaborative spirit by working together on a 500-bed Greenfield hospital project being developed over a 5-acre site in Kasargod in Kerala.

With design specifications and inputs from Tata Projects and Tata Consulting Engineers, Tata Steel supplied a range of modular pre-fabricated Completely Built Units (CBUs) to be used primarily as quarantine and isolation cabins, rest rooms, canteens and other service units within the hospital.

These pre-fabricated units were produced by Tata Steel’s Nest-In, Tata Structura and the New Materials Business in collaboration with eight manufacturing partners across the country. Besides steel, Tata Steel used Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) to manufacture quarantine units for the first time in India. FRP is positioned as a new-age alternative building material that has unique benefits that makes it a viable and efficient material solutions for an increasing number of applications.

These FRP units offer unmatched benefits. Being lightweight, FRP has a high strength to weight ratio, and it is easier and cheaper to transport. FRP has anisotropic properties and its mechanical properties can be customized through fibre-resin ratio, choice of fibre and resin, and fibre orientation in resin matrix. Moreover, FRP is fully corrosion resistant and weatherproof, and offers a long maintenance free service life. FRP can be given an excellent surface finish and using the design freedom of the material and flexible manufacturing process, complex geometry and superior aesthetics are easily achievable.