Tata Steel’s New Materials Business is working with many process industries to introduce innovative solutions in Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) leveraging its unmatched benefits such as high strength to weight ratio, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and long maintenance free service life resulting in a low life cycle cost.

Pultrusion is a continuous process used in the production of composite profiles with constant cross sections and material properties. With the flexible manufacturing process of Moulding, FRP gratings can be produced in any size and geometry, and virtually in all possible colors. When being produced for exterior use, these could incorporate UV resistance properties to ensure longer life.

TSL offers a range of FRP pultruded sections that are the ideal cost-efficient replacement for traditional materials such as concrete, steel and wood. Tailored to suit every application needs, the products are developed through a range of composite manufacturing technologies such as hand layup, filament winding and pultrusion.

Some of the properties of our FRP products are:

  • Superior and tailored manufacturing properties
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long maintenance-free life
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install

Our offerings include:

Acid Strainers

In various industrial processes, acids and rinse water are re-circulated in the bath tank for the pickling and rinsing sections. To maintain system health & product quality FRP strainer for acid handling pumps are used by most of the Chemical/ Process/ Heavy Engineering/ Steel Industries.

  • Inbuilt Self-Cleaning Mechanism
  • Effectively arresting damaging particles
  • No Dismantling required for cleaning. 

Compressed Air Receivers

An Air Receiver Tank is an essential part of a compressed air system for any industry. Given the very high air pressure, FRP vertical air receiving tanks, which are durable and strong, are the ideal choice. FRP Air Receiver Tanks are lightweight, corrosion resistant, strong and durable. Additionally, they are easier to install/replace due to its lighter weight.

Conveyor hoods

Conveyor hoods are needed to cover iron ore fines, or coal from rain and to reduce the fugitive dust emissions in the plant. FRP Conveyor hoods can be engineered to suit the specific dimensions of the conveyor belt and can be used in open type conveyors of material handling systems of any process plant.

Conveyor guards

Conveyor Guards are the barriers provided between working people for avoiding any kind of entanglement between body parts/clothing with the moving conveyor belt. They are available in various dimensions based on the requirement of the client.

Drip Pots

The Drip Pot facilitates the removal of condensate from the pipeline without increasing the hazard of gas release from the gas line. This in turn reduces the risk of inhalation of toxic gas by the operator or others Drip Pots are used in coke oven gas lines, blast furnace gas lines, LD gas lines, mixed gas lines. These FRP Drip Pots are lightweight, corrosion resistant, easy to handle and customised to meet the process requirements as per size and details received from customer.

Cable trays

FRP cable trays provide the unique benefits of corrosion-resistance, light weight, electrical insulation and nonconductivity. NMB sees a very large potential for use of cable trays in all new installations, as well as for replacing the existing metallic cable trays in various process industries.


With flexible manufacturing processes, either through moulding or pultrusion, gratings could be produced in any size and geometry, and virtually in all possible colors. For exterior usage, these could be made with UV resistant properties to ensure longer life. NMB has state-of-the-art gratings manufacturing capabilities for Industrial, Urban and marine applications.

Other Pultruded Products are also manufactured based on customer requirement like Handrails, ladders, Staircases, Walkaways, Crossovers etc.


Acid Strainer
Environment Friendly Solutions for water and sewerage systems

Air Receiver
Environment Friendly Solutions for water and sewerage systems

Conveyor Belt Guard
Environment Friendly Solutions for water and sewerage systems

Drip Pots
Environment Friendly Solutions for water and sewerage systems