Tata Steel’s New Materials Business is working with many process and chemical industries to introduce innovative solutions in Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) leveraging its unmatched benefits such as high strength to weight ratio, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and long maintenance free service life resulting in a low life cycle cost.

For above applications, pultruded FRP structural sections are used for optimizing overall efficiency of the system.

TSL offers a range of FRP products that are the ideal cost-efficient replacement for traditional materials such as concrete, steel and wood. Tailored to suit every application needs, the products are developed through a range of composite manufacturing technologies such as hand layup, filament winding, moulding and pultrusion. The team works collaboratively with user departments to introduce the many benefits of FRP through innovative and customised solutions. Thus, the solutions for chemical industries helps customers to gain operational and cost efficiency as well as competitive advantages.