Spanning innovation and aesthetics for ‘First-in-India’ solutions

FRP foot overbridges are a pioneering offering from New Materials Business. With their proven corrosion resistance and longer life, these bridges are ideal for canals and as foot overbridges in cities and industrial environments. They are lightweight, easy to manufacture and install and are priced competitively. These can also have a decorative design pattern, combining functionality with style, to complement the landscape around and blend with the natural surroundings.

Manufacturing and design

The FRP foot overbridge comprises filament-wound girders, deck and handrail posts, pultruded handrails, bottom rails and intermediate posts. With technology from the USA, perfected by the NMB bridge team and its manufacturing partner, the unique ‘First-in-India’ FRP foot overbridge is flexible and has superior aesthetics.

These light FRP bridges, foot overbridges and crossovers being quick to install, cause minimum disruption.


FRP-based foot overbridges find applications in industries with corrosive environments and smart cities, where bridge designs can be tailored to city-specific themes.

Some other applications include:

  • Road junctions and highways
  • Railway stations
  • Crossovers and platforms inside manufacturing plants and process industries
  • Waterways, like crossings at rivulets, drains/ ‘nalas’ in villages and at other places
  • Golf courses, parks and gardens
  • Defence and Disaster Management

Advantages of FRP Foot Overbridges

  • FRP foot overbridges are corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free and require no periodic painting
  • The lifespan of the bridge is generally over 50 years
  • Low civil and structural construction cost and low erection time because they are  lightweight
  • No electrical or gas cutting hazards due to onsite welding and gas cutting not being required